Αναρτήθηκε από: Nikos | Ιουλίου 30, 2003

30th of July 2003

Somebody is simply laughing behind my back. This is the only way i can explain what just happened. I had been typing at this stupid machine the update to my blog for 2 hours or so, and then our wonderful windows decided to close all of the explorer windows just like this, no reason! Not even a General Protection Fault, a missing .dll, NOTHING at all! I guess that means that i will have to be writing all of it again, from scratch!

Anyway…I guess there’s nothing better for me to do, so I will try writing all of this stuff again.. where did I stop the last time? Was it the celebration of Nicolas’s birthday at west world club? Yeap…Oh, I forgot to mention that before the club, all of us where at a pizza place near Lenin Square (Plosya Lenina) where we gave Nicolas his birthday presents : a very nice wooden thing in which there was a bottle of pure Belarusian vodka and some sheets on which some symbols were sewed (a Belarusian tradition is to put bread and salt on these sheets when someone is getting married, and it symbolizes happiness – or so I guess!) The funny event of the night ws that we actually got served by the restaurant TWO hours after ordering, and the most bizarre thing is that they also insisted on us paying even for things we have not eaten, since there where some of us that decided to cancel their orders when they saw that they wouldn’t be eating anyway…you bet we wrote some really nasty stuff in the restaurant’s diary before fleeing the place furiously! Anyway, let me go back to the WestWorld Club incidents!

After finally escaping the Russian “kidnappers”, we (Baris and I) returned to the upper bar for some dancing and drinking…and that was it! I have to admit openly now, that I ended up completely and totally drunk, throwing up ON THE BAR of the club and passing out! Janina really insisted that I should go to the hospital – thank God Baris and Nicolas carried me home (It mustn’t have been easy carrying me I think…) after managing to find a taxi, since no taxi driver whatsoever wanted to have me in his car and waking up the lady at the hostel by banging the doors, I got home…that’s the only thing I can tell by the descriptions by the other guys, because I really was totally unconscious when all of these things happened…I also have a big bruise on my arm – it must be from the time when I fell on the stairs and Baris couldn’t keep me anymore! It must have been the worst time in my life being drunk – and I hope it is the last one that it is so bad… Oyvind threatens me that he has some photos from the whole incident – I really hope he won’t publish them on the web!

Next day (Saturday) I had a terrible hangover…thank God Janina insisted on giving me SIX pills of Vitamin C and Glucose, which eased my pain, along with the pain killers I have swallowed too.. being also very hungry, since I had only some fried bananas with vodka sauce (!) that Nicolas prepared – a Caribbean dish… (he is a hell of a cook, did I mention that?) Anyhow, Baris and I, accompanied by Rita and Nastja, two girls, friends of Janina’s, went for lunch at a wonderful small restaurant near Jacuba Kolaca having Ravioli and ice creams – not to mention the divine chocolate in the end! After that we went for a big walk to Gorky park, where I couldn’t help tasting some beer, even though I was still pretty dizzy! However, something should still be done for Nicolas’s birthday – I spoiled it for him by getting drunk and having him carry me home – so we went to another club! “Tunnel” club near Puskinskaya metro station…that wasn’t the best club I’ve been to, since the music was too techno for my tastes, but I really enjoyed a long walk I had with Baris during the night talking, while Janina and Nicolas where dancing non-stop and Kyril was with a girl he found there…. Adstodarforsetin min! Kyril is the savourogamis of Minsk 2003 J pretty reminds me of someone we know…let me remind of a saying! “A hole is a hole and the dick has no eyes!” (Now try it with a french accent..isn’t it funny?) We returned in the hostel at 6 o’clock (of course) and had a good day’s sleep after that!

Sunday wasn’t that special… when I woke up it was already afternoon (I cherish some wonderful twelve-hour-sleep!), Baris and I went for a pretty late lunch in a nice Self Service Restaurant in the center, near the gigantic building of the KGB – the secret service! (which is one of the two places in Minsk that are by all means forbidden to take pictures of. The other is president Alexander Lukashenko’s residence. Rumors say that last year an IAESTE student made a photo of the Presidential Residence, and all of a sudden a bunch of secret agents jumped on him and destroyed his camera into pieces.) After that lunch, I decided to follow my wild touristic instincts – I got my camera and started walking alone all over the city (the center, at least) making photos of everything I found interesting! And believe me, I did find many many interesting things in the center of Minsk. After that I returned home to have an early (?) sleep, because Monday was supposed to be my first day at work!!!

Imagine me waking up at 08:30 in the morning! WHO? ME! I have been considering every time of the day till 13:00 as DAWN for God’s sake! Still, after a fairly good breakfast – not something that I am used to have back home – Baris and I came here, to the Institute of Applied Physics (or Institut Prikladon Fiziki, if you prefer it in Russian) of the Akademia Navuk (Academy of Sciences)… I am supposed to be working with Sasha, a PhD student in the lab of Liquid Penetrant Testing (which is a non-destructive testing method, I will try to explain some more when I get a better grasp of it!) and a professor, my supervisor, who is out of town till next Monday on a business trip…so officially till next Monday I am doing NOTHING here! Sasha is leaving for vacations too, so he barely steps foot on the lab either…I have the keys, so the only thing I am doing is checking mail, chatting with friends and updating blogs like this! On the long run, it gets pretty boring and annoying though, having absolutely nothing to do…Still, Monday was quite interesting, because Sasha has been showing me all the experimental procedure of Liquid Penetrant testing in the lab before leaving, so at least I learnt something useful that day… After some dinner, Baris and I went for a walk to Gorky Park, and we also sat for a beer (Pivo in Russian) in a very nice and cozy place that looked just like a Bavarian Biergarten into the woods! After that, on our way home, a military police officer that started saying something to us in Russian stopped us – we were ARRESTED! (Almost). He asked for our passports – Baris didn’t have his with him, and mine was at the registration office and the papers IAESTE Belarus provided me for the time that they would keep my passport were pretty invalid, so the guy (that was accompanied by two more military men) insisted on taking us to the police station! The threats were as follows: “you will stay to the police station till 3 o’clock” (with all of the locked-hostel-consequences), “100 dollars” etc… finally, Baris managed to talk us out of the situation, since the cops just had a bad day and found a perfect opportunity to exploit two stupid non-russian-speaking-foreign-students! They really were ding their best to make us to bribe them, but finally they let us go, saying that they would meet us the following day in the same place of the park at 20:00, and we should bring some vodka to them! We didn’t; so now perhaps they’re mad at us and they will arrest us for good if they find us!

Tuesday morning Janina visited us in the institute, and all of us, including Alexander and Sasha (another Sasha), two colleagues of Baris, went for lunch in a canteen situated in another building of the Akademia Navuk…well, after that lunch with the purple cold soup with Smetana (a local sweet cheese that people here consume like water!) and the “meat” with potatoes, I really start missing the exquisite elegant delicious meals I had in the University restaurant of the NTUA, back home… Anyway, after satisfying the human need for feeding (that meal had nothing to do with pleasure, I reassure you) and spending some more hours doing nothing (perhaps writing the previous version of my blog) finally we returned at home, where Nicolas cooked some wonderful Ravioli with tomato sauce! After that, Kyril went to meet some girl (Again. Hereafter, when I do not mention what Kyril is doing, feel free to suppose he is with some girl – most probably your wild guess is correct) and Nicolas, Baris and I went for some Pivo in a nice café downtown. After some more Pivo at the hostel we finally fell asleep…

And so we come to Wednesday! Today! At 9 o’clock in the morning Natalie BARGED into our rooms questioning us on whether we would join the IAESTE weekend excursion to Grodno, another Belarusian town with a castle. To be honest, nobody is interested in that excursion – we will most probably rent a car and drive around the country. Rent price is the same here as in Greece (30 euro per day) but Unleaded Petrol costs something like 40 cents per liter, or even less! Today was a rather boring day other than this, and the only interesting thing that happened was the lunch with the guys from Baris’s lab again… I will be leaving for the hostel soon, and there we will cook the chicken we bought yesterday… if we survive, I will be updating that blog tomorrow!


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